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Revenue updates Manual on certification of a person’s Irish tax residence

Irish Tax Institute, 22.11.2019

​Revenue’s Manual Certification of Tax Residence for Individuals, Partnerships, Companies and Funds has been updated. The text has been amended to emphasise that such certifications / Letters of Tax Residence refer to the person's tax residence.  Additional information has also been included about the procedure applying to jointly assessed couples who are requesting a Letter for use in France or Spain.


ROS Pay & File - surcharge update

​Irish Tax Institute, 22.11.2019

Earlier this week, we sought an update from Revenue on the application and removal of surcharges applied to 2018 income tax returns, filed by midnight last Sunday. Revenue has advised us that IT developments and ROS updates last week should have ensured that surcharges were not applied in most cases. Revenue’s IT team has searched for cases that were filed before midnight on Sunday, 17 November where a surcharge was applied. They found about 300 cases and those surcharges are being removed by Revenue.


Revenue publishes Manual on paying Customs and Excise Duty

Irish Tax Institute, 29.11.2019

Revenue has published a new Manual called C&E Payments (RevPay) in ROS or myAccount User Guide. The Manual details how taxpayers can pay Customs and Excise Duty via ROS or myAccount.


Revenue publishes Manual on new VAT repayment offset facility

Irish Tax Institute, 29.11.2019

Timely processing of refund “offset” instructions and enhancing ROS to allow members perform “offsets” has been one of the topics on the agenda of the Main TALC sub-group focused on improving the MyEnquiries service. On Monday, Revenue launched a facility which allows tax agents to select how they wish to offset a VAT repayment claim to a tax type and period. Revenue has released a Manual Value Added Tax (VAT) Repayment Offset on this new facility.


The Institute is in ongoing engagement with Revenue on members’ experiences of MyEnquiries, practical suggestions for improvements and proposed ROS enhancements. We will keep members updated on developments as they arise.


10 CCAB-I Response to Consultation on Research Development tax credit 2019

Chartered Accountants Ireland, 25.11.2019

Chartered Accountants Ireland response to Consultation on Research and Development Tax Credit 2019.

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