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At Shoebox we believe in small businesses and the vital contribution they make to our communities. The economic importance of small firms cannot be understated. Small businesses exist in every single village, town and city in Ireland. They create more jobs, add value to Irish economy and create happier population. At Shoebox we strive to provide professional accounting services to those businesses. We want you to succeed, grow and be a vital part of our communities. So let's work together to achieve the success you deserve! 

The variety of our services are built to suit every business. We not only provide professional accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services for your business, but also advisory services on supports your business can avail of through variety of government institutions, such as Brexit supports for micro - exporters, grants for businesses trading online and loan schemes for small businesses from Micro-finance Ireland, which provides loans to small business owners through the Government Microenterprise Loan Fund.

Useful websites:

whether you are an established business or a new start up company, here are some useful resources where you can find important information in relation to your business structure, your statutory obligations as a business owner and much more:

Useful documents:


most up to date budget summary with relevant information regarding tax credits, tax rates, tax bands, exemption limits and much more.

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